WMD’s in Iraq

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Today, everyone jokes about the Bush Administration’s claim that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). We hear things all the time about”yellow cake” and how the CIA and intelligence agencies supposedly lied that Saddam was trying to get Uranium to improve. Somehow the story of WMD changed definitions from the left-leaning media to mean”nuclear” weapons of mass destruction, not biological or chemical WMD.

The other day, I read a different report from a Think Tank that stated;”Congress believed the so-called WMD’lies’ toolong before Bush. In actuality, British Intelligence still stands by the story.”

This hardly surprises me, since we now know that the WMD (chemical weapons) left Iraq three times before we entered Baghdad, a Russian Convoy took them across into Syria, some actually made it to Libya, and that’s the reason why the Bush Administration noted the axis of evil and three more nations were afterwards added.

Casselberry Wildlife Removal immediately realized he was next and made a deal with the Bush Administration to come clean. British Intelligence did get it right, still have it right. It is just now WMD supposed radioactive substance in the media, but we know Saddam had chemical weapons, mostly because we sold them the chemicals to use against the Iranians in that long war they had. I think if more people would stop with the sound bites and TV Cable political rhetoric and read up on this stuff things would certainly be a lot better.

Simple, we know this because we offered it to them to use against the Iranians in the Iraq-Iran war. Chemical weapons that is, and they had some left-over and generated some too. It’s not tough to create the stuff, Iraq had weapon scientists also, some even came after the Fall of the Soviet Union, bioweapon specialists. There is not anything secret about any of this, and the two presidents did not say that, Obama did before elected but he wasn’t privy to any of this and lies about everything anyway.

President Bush knew he could not prove the Yellow Cake thing following the Spanish intelligence blew the Niger yellow cake story out of proportion. Libya ended up with some of that WMD also, and did you see how fast Gadhafi capitulated when we found out, he practically chose to come clean whatever we requested to the Russian’s chagrin.

Anyway, maybe it’s time we stop playing games with media quotations, especially out of context, one can not have it both ways, an individual can’t cite the media when it suits them then call it all lies and condemn it as it does not – there’s no honor to that behavior. If we keep rewriting history, we will not learn from it, and thus, we will be doomed to repeat it.

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